Art Deco Antique Glass Slip Shades

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Please contact me if you need one of these shades so we can confirm a match before you purchase.  Sold shades are not removed or replaced with new items as is done on the rest of the site.  They are left on display to help you identify shades you need.  As sets are built for fixtures they will not be available for sale.  If the shade has no price, then there are none currently available for sale.  If you need one that is not priced, please inquire.

I no longer maintain a request list.  The problem is that by the time I find the shade, most of the people have moved or replaced the fixture.  It usually takes a few years (5 to 10) to find a specific shade.


amber glass slip shade

none available at this time


slip shade

none available at this time


slip shade

set of 5

I don't want to break up the set, but inquire if you need one.


slip shade

1 available $165 each


gone to Florida


slip shade

gone to Arkansas


4" wide at top of fitter, 6" long at centerline

1 available $165 


2 1/2" wide at top of fitter, 6" long at centerline

4 available $165 each

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